vacations of a different kind

visit us

If you are travelling through South Africa on vacation, you are welcome to plan a stopover in Hermanus and experience the everyday life at the childcare centre at first hand. Mathews and his family will be happy to show you around and tell you about their life in the township. During the week you have the opportunity to play and interact with the children. They are also very happy about small presents. ;-)

offer a hand

If you feel like helping out yourself, we can offer you the opportunity to volunteer for at least one week. You can either help to look after the children or, if you have knowledge in a specific area (e.g. teaching, childcare, computers etc.), you can pass this on to the local teachers.


donate used laptops

As the number of children in the childcare centre is constantly increasing, we need more and more equipment in our Computer Lab. Therefore we work together with You are welcome to bring your used laptop and other digital devices to one of the collection points of Labdoo. The devices will then be completely reset and equipped with learning software.