training for teachers

There are many single mothers in the townships, who are often on their own. It is therefore extremely important for women to become independent by learning work-related skills and to be given the opportunity to provide for enough income themselves.


Our teachers are currently working without pay or any training. Therefore, we want to offer them a solid training in childcare and build up their computer skills, so that they can take care of the children professionally and get new possibilities on the job market through recognised certificates. As soon as our finances permit, we will of course pay them a monthly salary.


Each teacher completes an online course on childcare and receives a certificate afterwards. At the same time, they can improve and deepen their individual English skills.


computer skills

The teachers' computer skills are improved until they are able to complete the ICDL* certification. Afterwards they are well prepared to train the children and teach them important computer skills.


*International Certification of Digital Literacy (ICDL)